Monday, August 1, 2011

You can fill your tummy and your growler at this place.

We went to North by Northwest the other day. It's in the Arboretum area at the corner of 360 and Stonelake.  Just look for the big NXNW on the water tower facade sign.  The restaurant is pretty big and they're usually a little busy so don't let that dissuade you from going in.  We've better there a few times and were always seated immediately.  At least on lazy Saturday afternoons.

They have a wide range of flavors to choose from but I'll call it comfort food.  Steaks, pastas, fish, burgers, I'm sure you can find something you like on the menu.  Steph had the chicken sandwich and I had a pasta.  They brew their own beer at NXNW so you may as well give one a try.  I had the German wheet beer, hefe, but Steph just had water.

The dining rooms are broken up into 3 sections.  The foyer where they great you shares space with the bar area a little further back.  Then two dining areas.  One seems to be mostly big booths, finished in dark woods, that tend to larger parties or families.  The next area opens up into a room that reminds me of some kind of hunting lodge in the mountains theme.  We've always sat in the second area.  The furnishing and such are fine but I've always gotten the impression they could use a little sprucing up.  A little paint and a good old fashioned spring cleaning would go a long way.  Not that it's dirty, it's just showing a little thread and not in an aging well way.

On to the food.  My pasta dish was a traditional Italian fare of peppers and sausage over linguini with a nice spicy red sauce.  The vegetables were cooked nicely and not mushy, the sausage was very savory and seemed fresh and the pasta was a proper al dente.  I was very happy with it.  And the serving was plentiful.  My beer was light and crisp with a little hops.  It was quite refreshing on a warm spring day. 

On a side note a growler is a half gallon glass bottle that they will fill with your favorite NXNW brew to take home.  It's capped so the beer won't go flat for a long time just like a regular sized bottle.  So get the party started and keep it going with a take home growler.

Steph's chicken sandwich was pretty standard with a generous portion of chicken breast topped with bacon and avocado. She said, "This is really good!"  Mostly due to the quality bacon and basil mayo.  She also like the "albino buns" they serve the sandwich on which is very soft and doesn't overpower the subtle flavors of the sandwich overall.

Since we've only eaten at NXNW for lunch I can't speak to their dinner but for the price I think this restaurant is well worth their reasonable prices.

Until next time, prost!

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