Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taco Bueno is one of my guilty pleasures

I'm not going to apologize for liking a fast food chain so just move on if you want me to slam this place.  The bold fat man grew up on Taco Bueno so there's a special place in his heart for those wonderful tacos and burritos.  Most people in Austin don't even know about Taco Bueno since it's not easy to find one but in Tulsa they are as prevalent as McDonald's and probably as popular.  There are two things most Tulsans miss when they move away, one is coneys and the other is Taco Bueno.  Neither one is done right anywhere else in the world.  That's just a fact.

Now I will admit Taco Bueno tries to tempt you with their premium offers of brisket burritos or steak fajita tacos.  Forget all that crap.  It's just overpriced and frankly not good.  There are only two things on the menu at Taco Bueno that should be ordered and those are the crispy beef taco and the bean burrito.  I suggest two of each and a big Coke to wash it down.  It'll cost about $6 bucks.  They even make fresh salsa daily and it's very tasty with just a little hint of heat.  Again, don't order anything else or you'll probably be disappointed.

The tacos are a little bit bigger than Taco Bell and have actual tomatoes on them, along with the nicely spiced and slightly salty ground beef, plenty of shredded lettuce and cheese.  I like to add a nice big pour of their fresh salsa on each taco to give it that extra zip.  It's a perfect combination of crunchy shell, spicy veg and salty beef.  The bean burrito is even better.  They come with beans, a flavorful chili sauce and cheese but you must open it up and add some salsa and jalapenos to make it a proper Bueno burrito.  Add some onions too so you have a little crunch with it.  A perfect fast food feast on the cheap.

That's it for today and I hope the rest is muy bueno...

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