Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Man Bites Dog almost takes me back to Tulsa

If you've ever been to Tulsa then you know about their world famous coneys.  Places like Coney Islander, Jim's, Carl's, they all take me back to times when I was young and happy.  I don't know why Austin thinks you have to serve just one giant dog, cover it with bowl chili and call it something it's not.  They just don't know the joys of ordering two, three, four or more dogs depending on how hungry you are.  Maybe that's just an old fashioned concept but it still works in Tulsa.  One day perhaps I'll be able to bring that joy to Austin but until then Man Bites Dog gets as close to perfection as I can find.

They started as a food trailer but now have a brick and mortar in the shopping center at the SW corner of Burnett and North Loop.  Their food trailer was, or is, in the Trailer Park and Eatery on 1st but their web site doesn't show it as a location.

I've tried the chili cheese dog, greek dog and corn dog.  All the dogs have a 1/4 pound wiener of some sort so they're big.  That means I really can only try one at a time.  And that's too bad  And given my experience growing up, hot dogs are supposed to be three or four bites.  Not something you have to eat with a fork.  OK, OK, enough with the griping.  The chili dog has some good chili that was almost a greek style which is traditional in my coney world.  So I give Man Bites Dog props for flavor just not for authenticity.  The greek dog came with a lamb wiener, feta cheese, olives and such greek flavors.  I completely enjoyed the flavors but again, had to eat it with a fork.  And I have a big mouth.  At least my wife says so.  Now to the corn dog.  If you love the corn dogs they server at the fair then you will love these.  Big, juicy, crunchy, corn breaded goodness on a stick.  In fact, the thing is so long it's hard to hold it just by the stick and eat it.  I just grab the thing by it's girth and have at it.  Hey, it's a corn dog not fine French cuisine.  Add a little mustard on it if you like, and that's how I like'm.

Steph had the spicy pulled pork mac and cheese.  She loved it but said it was a little too hot.  The guy working said it depended on the day.  They try to follow the recipe but sometimes it's hotter and sometimes it's not.  I'll give him props for honesty and really since she loved it no harm done anyway.

Maybe I'll post my coney chili recipe sometime and show everyone how to make a proper coney.  Until then and when I don't have time to cook down a pot of chili I'm heading over to Man Bites Dog.


If you want to see pics and get a different perspective on Man Bites Dog just visit Steph's blog: Man Bites Dog

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