Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tex Mex version of Hooters?

Steph and I were laughing at ourselves as we waited for dinner last night.  The girl we had as a waitress was wearing those little black short shorts and, while it made me feel like a creepy old man, Steph was worried that she was cold.  Obviously we weren't a good fit for Senorita's, a newish Tex Mex place on Anderson Mill, and light and a bit north of 183.  The hostess was friendly as she greeted us with a smile and showed us to our table.  It sort of went downhill from there.  We looked over the menu and waited.  Then waited a little more and finally our waitress, a nice looking girl with a big smile, came and took our drink order.  Then we waited.  And waited a little more.  She came back with our drinks and again asked if we wanted an appetizer.  Nothing grabbed us on the appetizer menu so we just ordered our entrees.  Build your own combo plate.  Steph ordered two cheese enchiladas and I ordered one cheese and one beef enchilada plus a crispy beef taco.  And then we waited...

Oh chips, they brought us a big basket of chips and salsa.  We're now about 30 minutes since we sat down.  And they didn't seem busy.  Is it just me?  The chips weren't very fresh and the salsa was spicy hot but not very flavorful beyond that.  This thing is going downhill fast.

Someone from the kitchen came out a little later to ask us how we wanted our enchiladas sauced.  We went with chili which it turned out was something that tasted like the salsa but a little thicker.  We envisioned that brown chili gravy famous in Tex Mex cooking.  I guess that's their twist?

Finally our food came out.  Steph got two cheese enchiladas and a crispy beef taco.  I had a plate of one beef and one chicken enchilada with a crispy beef taco.  Refer to paragraph 1, last sentence.  OK it was close and they just gave the extra taco to Steph so no harm done.  And the waitress read back our order so I can't say where the miscommunication occurred.

By now you're probably feeling like I was, let's get on with it and try some of their food.  The crispy taco was OK.  Plenty of beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato stuffed inside.  It wasn't particularly big and given the price of the plate I was a little disappointed.  The enchiladas were a little better.  They were pretty big as enchiladas go, covered in melted cheese and sauced with that rather bland sauce I mentioned earlier.  Both the beef and the chicken seemed to be fairly good quality though the chicken seemed a bit better actually.  The refried beans were very salty too so they did have some salt in the back.  I didn't notice anything about the rice that stood out.  Standard Spanish style.  Steph was less impressed with the cheese enchiladas saying the sauce was too spicy for her and the tortillas didn't seem fresh.  OK, that's over.  Let's get to some positives.

Senorita's had live music in the form of a solo country artist.  As far as I could tell he sang covers and asked for requests.  Someone yelled "Back in Black" but he didn't oblige.  I did notice Steph singing along to a few songs so she enjoyed it.  I'm not a big modern country fan so I didn't recognize anything.  Give me some Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings and I'll sing along too.

They also have a huge bar and claim to have good margaritas.  The bar was full by the time we left but I didn't notice many margaritas in hand but everyone did have a nice cold beer while winding down after work.  And I think that's a good fit for them.  This is another example of a bar with food over a restaurant with a bar.

So if you're looking for a crowd of 30something people to hang out, listen to live music and enjoy your evening then you might find some new friends here.  Just don't go only for the food.

Until next time let's hope to find some food that's muy bueno...

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