Friday, August 12, 2011

They'll Scholz you some good food at Scholz Garten, but at a price

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon and Steph wanted some potato skins.  She found just the place to try.  Scholz Garten.  This restaurant has been around since 1866 and is even on the National Registry of Historic Places.  We were hit by a bit of BBQ smoke when we walked in.  We knew we were home.

They offer mostly BBQ but have a few German entrees on the menu with a nice selection of German and local craft beer on tap.  Steph said the place is known for it's huge crowds during Longhorn football season so keep that in mind if you're looking for a crowd or staying away from the crowds.  They're fairly close to the stadium too at the corner of San Jacinto and 17th.  Might be a little walk but on game days you're lucky to find a place to stand within a mile of the stadium.

Steph wasn't very impressed with the portion sizes.  They charge basically the same as other BBQ places but you don't get a very big plate of food.  Don't get me wrong, it's enough to fill you up but not enough to have any left over to take home.  She ordered the one meat plate.  Chicken wings with corn on the cob and pinto beans.  They only put three little chicken wings on the plate.  I'm talking the "hot wings" style now.  So a wing and a half if you're thinking fried chicken.  And if you wanted you could buy the six wing appetizer plus two sides for 27 cents less.  Needless to say they need to think about that portion choice because it didn't sit well with us.

I had the two meat plate and did a little better.  One bratwurst which was a decent size I guess, kinda on the small side really.  It was kind of bland but lean.  I always think bratwurst should have more flavor.  My other protein was brisket.  It had good flavor and was very lean also.  No complaint there.  My sides were sourkraut and potato salad.  The sourkraut came out warm and was a little on the mushy side but had good flavor though toward the bland end.  I like my kraut bold, as Don the Polish sausage man in Tulsa used to say, "Like a Tiger!" so I'm used to something a bit different.  I thought they only had one potato salad on the menu so I ordered potato salad thinking I'd get the hundred year old recipe German potato salad.  Oops.  They served me some mustard potato salad.  I was really good.  Half mashed potatoes with little bits of veg here and there with a nice hint of mustard.  I really liked it but was a bit disappointed I didn't get to try the German style.  It's more of a twangy experience.

We finished up the meal with a piece of brownie pie.  Again, it was tiny but very flavorful.  Steph called the texture crispy and I called it dried out.  Whoever was right we both agreed a scoop of ice cream would have gone a long way to making that little slice of pie a little slice of heaven.

In the end we thought the prices were reasonable with the $10 off coupon but I don't know if I would be happy paying full price.  I suppose they want you to pay a premium for the history and that's if it still makes the customer happy.  I'll have to see how I feel after a week or two.

Do you think it's fair to judge a restaurant by it's service, price and food quality or do you just focus on the food?  I prefer to rate the overall experience.  Tell me how you rate a restaurant.

Until tomorrow.  Prost!

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