Thursday, August 4, 2011

Milto's surely isn't milquetoast

I've always heard the phrase, "What am I milquetoast?", and like most kids I wondered why milk toast was a derogatory term.  To be honest while I did wonder about it I didn't bother to consult a dictionary or ask anyone.  Hmm, remember when dictionaries were printed on paper and bound into a book?   Well, before I start in recreating those "too much information" commercials lets get back to food.  Pizza to be exact.  And even more specifically "Sicilian" pizza.  Since all the college kids are home for the summer we try to venture down to some of the restaurants that cater to them.  As you know I don't like crowds.  This evening we hit Milto's.  It's on Guadalupe across the street from Toy Joy so you can make it a two'fer if you're so inclined.  And to my non-Austin friends Toy Joy is a local toy store so you can get your mind out of the gutter right now.

We ordered the medium Sicilian style Lone Star.  That's their meat lovers pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, imported ham, onions and extra cheese.  We substituted garlic for the onions.  It didn't take very long to cook, at least not as long as other deep dish pizza restaurants in the area, and came out piping hot and ready to eat.  The pizza isn't exactly round but more oblong which I didn't expect and the medium didn't look that big.  Don't let that fool you, we had plenty left over to take home.  The crust was nice and crisp on the outside but soft and slightly chewy on the inside.  I'd say it was just right for this style.  The toppings were generous and seemed to be of good quality and the sauce was flavorful if not a little spicy.  As pizza goes I rank them in the top half of the list especially for the deep dish style.

The restaurant itself is a rather eclectic collection of styles that somehow works to give this place a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The staff will greet you as you walk in and motion you up to the counter.  They're very friendly for counter service so that's a plus in my opinion.  Oh, back to the decor.  You can pick from two rooms and a patio.  Each has it's own charm so I can't say one is better than the other.  The main room has a mirror wall for those that enjoy looking at their reflection, the smaller side room is a little more intimate and the patio seems to be where the smokers go.  I don't know if they actually permit smoking on the patio but I have noticed, and smelled, people enjoying a cigarette out there.

If there is one complaint I have about Milto's it's the sodas.  They always seem a bit watery to me.  I think it's because they serve them in pint glasses that are hot out of the washer but if that's the only nit I can find then this place is well worth the trip.

Until tomorrow, ta leme...

If you want to see pics and get a different perspective on Milto's just visit Steph's blog: Milto's Mediterranean Cafe

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