Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hebert's Specialty Meats gets 100% from this grump...

Yesterday Steph and I were talking about Cajun food after fixing a batch of Cajun Red Bean soup. Kelley was posting links to articles about mirepoix and a group of guys from New Orleans came in for lunch so I was determined to get some Cajun food on my day off.  Hebert's was perfect from beginning to end.  Steph ordered the fried shrimp and crawfish basket and I had the turducken po-boy.  We didn't ask if they breaded the fried foods inhouse but they certainly tasted homemade and fresh.  Just a hint of swamp water, in a good way, let us know this was the real deal.

My turducken sandwich was a masterpiece.  I was skeptical when I ordered it but after years of hearing about stuffing a chicken in a duck and then into a turkey I had to try this crazy concoction.  Delicious!  Big chunks of the three meats with just enough dirty rice that sang and danced across my palate.  The dirty rice flavors it perfectly. Subtle enough for someone that doesn't like spicy but not to fear they have a whole table of hot sauces to kick it up to eleven.  I used the traditional Tabasco this time but I saw a few others I'll be trying next time.

Hebert's also has at least a half dozen desserts. We had the Chocolate Ganache Peanut Butter pie.  It wasn't like most peanut butter pie we've tried, this thing is dense and rich.  The crust was flaky with a layer of chocolate and then a healthy layer of the peanut butter filling and finished with chocolate piped in a hatch pattern over the top.  Just the pie would make it worth going.

If there was an observation about Hebert's that could be seen as negative it would be the gentleman, I assumed it was the owner, is very loudly friendly to his Cajun or LSU friends but completely ignored the others in the dining room. It came across as he didn't care for the tourists.  I'll give it a pass this time.  The other observation is it's not really obvious how you're supposed to order/shop/get refills so don't be shy and just ask, everyone we talked to was pleasant and helpful.

In the end we left Hebert's happy and full of delicious food.  You can't ask for a better experience.

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