Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fill'er up and Phil's and cool it down at Amy's

I grew up on burgers and dogs working for my uncle at his drive in restaurant.  Shaw's Drive In in Tulsa, OK.  We offered the standard burgers, fries, onion rings, chocolate malts and the like.  I have no idea how many burgers I dressed over the years but I'm sure it was in the tens of thousands.  And we checked every single one of them twice before they went out.  Just like it should be.  Phil's isn't quite the same but I leave there with that feeling I had many years ago.  Happy, full and satisfied. Again, the way it should be.

It's always lively at Phil's since they're so family oriented.  You'll see kids running around, climbing the walls, scurrying under your feet.  Well it's not quite like that but it is lively.  They have a playground to wear them down after dinner so you can get some quiet time and Amy's ice cream is next door in case it's the grandkids and you want to wind them up before dropping them off.  Either way they have good burgers, dogs and even offer sweet potato fries.

I had the Phil-a-Buster.  It's a double meat with all the goodies on it.  Lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickle, onion and mayo.  And double cheese too! I thought I was hungry but this burger was too much to handle.  Next time I'll get a regular size with bacon or chili instead.  Did I mention they come on those sweet kolachi buns?  That really makes the burger stand out.  I went with the mix of regular and sweet potato fries.  They're good and compliment the meal but at Phil's the burger is the star.

Steph had the Brentwood burger.  It's a single patty with bacon, all the goodies and cheddar cheese.  I'm pretty sure that's the only burger she'll order at Phil's.  And she leaves smiling every time so no need to fix it if it ain't broke as they say.

When you're done with your meal, and this is another reason to forgo the double meat burger, it's time to walk over to Amy's ice cream.  YUM!  All I really need to say is it's cold, rich and you can feel the fat on the roof of your mouth.  This is by far the most decadent ice cream I've ever had.  If that doesn't peek your interest then writing another paragraph won't matter.  : )

That's it for this episode of This is Your Life.  Until tomorrow I'll be dreaming of Dixieburgers and chocolate shakes.

If you want to see pics and get a different perspective on Phil's Icehouse just visit Steph's blog: Phil's Icehouse on Burnet

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