Saturday, January 19, 2013

BurnCo is more than just great barbeque...

By now I'm not going to tell you anything you probably don't know but here it goes anyway, did you know BurnCo has great  specials?  Today was smoked chicken and dumplings which were fantastic based on the sample we tried while waiting in line to order.  While we were eating we talked to several regulars and they raved about the French dip sandwich and the salmon.  I didn't find out if there was a schedule or calendar for these great specials but if you find yourself at the counter and they're out of your favorite smoked meat or sausage you might want to try something different by ordering a special.

Dave described the French dip as steak sliced not too thick, not too thin on a baguette, crispy outside with a soft yeasty inside, and a side of au jus that wasn't your normal thin salty brown water.  Think deglazing the pan that cooked the meat, adding a few spices, and reducing until it's nice and flavorful.  That's how I heard him describe it at least.  Yum!

Another guy, I didn't catch his name, told us about the smoked Salmon he had tried once.  His description was a rich, fatty, elegant offering that was the best he'd ever tried.  I think we're on to something here.

Joel, another BurnCo regular, loves the grilled potato salad.  It's not a special but it is unique for it's flavors.  I started out thinking pepper potatoes, like fast food pepper steak but with TexMex spices.  I ended thinking potato fajitas.  Potatoes, sweet bell peppers, onions and a little TexMex spice served up warm and delicious.  It went well with the Happy Plate Steph and I shared.
OK, may as well tell you about this giant plate of happiness.  First, BurnCo is very reasonably priced for the portions you get as in you aren't going to go away hungry.  Since it was our first time we wanted to try everything so the Happy Plate filled that order nicely.  A mound of pulled pork here, a mound of chopped brisket there, three kinds of sausage, their famous ribs, bologna and a big slice of "fatty" which is a sausage form of a turducken.  If you don't know the turducken just google it.  Let's just say we brought over half of this beast of a plate home with us for dinner.  The ribs were certainly the best in town.  That rub and their Hasty-Bake Legacy 132 Outdoor Grill and Smoker ovens make them tender and flavorful.  We sat there for twenty minutes just working through identifying and considering the various spices in the rub.

While overall I'd say BurnCo is arguably the best barbeque restaurant in Tulsa I'll have to admit I like certain meats at other restaurants in the area.  I suppose everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  Still, BurnCo proves they are serious cooks with their specials menu, reasonable prices, hefty portions and willingness to let you try anything on the menu before you order.

I'll certainly be back for more as everyone else in lines out the door prove again and again, BurnCo is on its way to greatness.

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