Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chosun Galbi, you are the chosen one

My old buddy from the Army came up to visit this weekend so we decided to have dinner.  It's been almost 20 years since we had seen each other so it had to be some place special.  Chosun Galbi fit the bill and delivered in every way.  They are a Korean style restaurant that specializes in Korean BBQ.  To that extent each large booth has an electric hibachi grill built into the middle of the table.  I'll have to say this was some of the best pork and beef I've ever tasted.  Tender, spicy and fresh off the grill.  Literally.

They start you with a little bowl of squash soup that is tasty in it's own right.  A nice combination of squash and corn to get the appetite ready so the deliciousness to come.  Next they brought the two different dishes we ordered.  One beef bulgogi and one spicy pork bulgogi and put it on the grill to cook.  While that is happening we sampled a wide variety of little side dishes.  Probably a dozen or more.  Kimchi, tofu, sprouts, squash and many others that I have no idea what they were aside from tasty delicious.  While the meat was cooking we threw on some onions, garlic slices and mushroom tops to cook and caramelize with the meat.  All the time laughing and trying to remember all the antics we had caused back in the day at Fort Riley.  Good times.

When the meat was ready Bonita and Aaron showed us how to roll up the meat and condiments into a lettuce leaf so we could eat it without needing chop sticks.  Steph is still learning and I'm just good enough to get the food near my mouth.  Somehow we both were able to stuff ourselves with those succulent meaty treats.

We finished off the meal with a little sweetened rice milk and put the extra into a box to take home.  I'll be smiling for days.

We even took a picture at the restaurant.  The grumpy fat man with his old sergeant 20 years later...

Until tomorrow, annyonghi kaseyo...

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