Friday, August 19, 2011

It started out as a peanut butter and provolone sandwich

The other day an old friend from Tulsa posted he was having a peanut butter sandwich with two slices of provolone.  It thought, mmmm that sounds good but a little honey would enhance the sweet to salty ratio.  And I made the suggestion.  He didn't like the idea and suggested he's more of a savory kind of guy.  No problem so I went with the obvious.  BACON!  Then I thought, no that would make the sandwich too salty overall.  The next few hours found me going through the recipes of various regional cuisines to find just the right ingredients.  Instead I found a whole new world of flavors with the venerable peanut butter as it's base.  Here are a few of the better ideas ( In my opinion of course. ).

The Peanut Butter Thai Chicken Sandwich with Creamy Slaw.

On an onion roll spread a healthy amount of peanut butter on one side.  Lay down some deli sliced chicken.  Dress it with a little Sriracha sauce, or a lot if you like, and finish it off with a little ginger.  For the side I'm make a creamy slaw, think peanut butter sandwich and milk, from cabbage, carrots and some kind of pepper.  Sweet or hot?  I think that would depend on the person.  I'm going with a red bell pepper.  If you put the slaw on your sandwich to give it some crunch then I'd make the dressing a little thicker, if it's on the side then it doesn't matter.  But if you put it on the side then use crunchy peanut butter so the sandwich has a few different textures to it.  I get the feeling people will either love it or hate it but I think that would be a good sandwich.

The Peanuts in my Coke Sandwich with Potato Salad.

This one will take all day but it should be good.  Start in the morning by putting beef ribs into a crockpot and filling it with Coke.  Regular, not Diet.  Let that cook all day.  Or you could start it at night and it would be ready by lunch if you like.  Either way, when the ribs are ready and falling off the bone just pull all that delicious Coke flavored meat off the bone and chop it up a bit.  Take a kaiser roll, butter and toast it, then put down a big helping of those chopped ribs on that bun.  Take the lid of the roll, spread on a thick layer of peanut butter, and top off that sandwich.  In this case I'd use creamy peanut butter.  I just think it sounds better.  Since the sandwich is going to be a little sweet let's make the potato salad more savory to add balance to the meal.  Do your standard boil the potatoes until they're tender then add some dill pickle relish, a little pickle juice, salt, pepper and maybe a little rosemary.  And mayo of course.  Mustard might work but mayo seems a little safer for this one.


And there you have it folks, a couple ideas for peanut butter sandwich fusion.  Thanks for the idea Chris!

Until tomorrow...

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