Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's all about the specials at Cafe Java

The first time I went to Cafe Java was on a Saturday morning.  They were busy and had a dozen people waiting.  We waited.  And I'm glad we did.  I think they're known for their breakfast with the imported specialty coffees and it's true but my favorite time to go to Cafe Java is in the evening.  It's not as hard to get a table and they have some of the best specials in town.  Now what do I mean by best specials in town?  Well, you know those days when you just can't decide what sounds good?  That's the day you go to Cafe Java.  They'll have two specials up on the chalk board. I usually pick the one on the right.  Can't say why but it's usually the one that sounds better to me.  Tonight the board had fish tacos with all the things you'd expect on the plate and on the right side they had the Mean Green Burger.  Of course I picked the special on the right and it was delicious.

The Mean Green burger is 1/2 pound of fresh ground beef.  They'll cook it medium if you don't ask but you can get it cooked to order.  I had mine medium rare.  They put that big meat patty on a fresh kaiser roll and dress it with a jalapeno mayo and finish it off with grilled serrano and poblano peppers to add some heat and extra flavor.  Did I mention the pepper jack cheese?  YUM!  Now you might think that many peppers would make it too hot to eat.  No!  They're grilled so the heat is knocked down a few notches to let the flavor of the pepper shine through.  Like all of the items I've had on their menu this burger has a very balanced flavor.  They really think about what they put on the plate.  And what would you think they put as a side?  Some corn chips and salsa.  They perfect match to this TexMex fusion burger.

Steph likes a little heat but was a little scared of the serranos so she ordered a bacon cheeseburger.  They don't offer fries at Cafe Java so you can choose from chips, tomato slices, potato salad, and other sides.  Just check the menu or ask.  They'll be happy to tell you what they have to offer and it sometimes depends on the day since they made things fresh.  The bacon on the cheeseburger was high quality and thicker than I usually see served these days though a little salty so be sure to order the burger with avocado or tomatoes to balance out the flavors.  Steph usually gets her burgers plain and dry so she can taste the meat.  Sometimes that doesn't offer the best balance but that's how she likes them.

Since we were at Cafe Java we had to get dessert.  Chocolate Eruption cake!  Imagine a caramel topped cheesecake wrapped in a rich chocolate cheesecake wrapped in a brownie and topped with chocolate curls and sliced nuts.  This is the stuff you say I'm sorry with if you get into trouble with the wife.  A little secret from me to you. : )

That's all for today.

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