Friday, August 26, 2011

Serrano's is decent TexMex and easy

One of the things that makes me grumpy, as you've probably already noticed, is having to wait in lines.  If we walk in and there's a wait for more than five minutes I'll usually just go somewhere else.  Yes I know it's probably easier to wait than wasting time and gas driving somewhere else but that's just me.  I'm sure you know someone that acts the same way.  Or maybe I'm the only one.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is Serrano's has good TexMex and you rarely have to wait even when they're really busy. So don't do like me and drive on by when the parking lot looks too full.

Serrano's has that standard TexMex flavor with the chili sauce over cheese enchiladas or the slightly spicy and salty ground beef in a crunchy corn shell.  You won't find that odd pepper or keep Austin weird flavor here, it's all about that flavor that made TexMex famous.  And sometimes that is exactly the flavor I'm in the mood to taste.

We ate on a Monday night and they were having a buy one, get one free, enchilada special.  I was in the mood for those tacos I described above but hey free food.  I just can't pass up a deal and Steph was getting enchiladas anyway so it worked out.  I had one beef and two cheese while Steph had three cheese.  OK, the three enchiladas was my fault.  She only wanted two but since I ordered three they gave her three.  I helped finish off the extra one on her plate.  Looking back two would have been enough but I'm like my uncle Gene, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  The plates came out a little later, they're fast at Serrano's, hotter than the sun so we had to let them cool off for a few minutes.  They didn't let us down.  The enchiladas were nice and cheesy with plenty of chili sauce over the top.  The chili sauce is flavorful with those traditional TexMex flavors you grew up knowing.  The rice and beans are good too.  Not too spicy but not bland either.  They help complement the dish perfectly.

We both left the restaurant smiling and saved about seven bucks overall.  How's that for building a little goodwill with your customers.  It certainly makes me want to go back.

 Have a great weekend.

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