Friday, July 29, 2011

Green wine and green bottles plus a little leftover Franklin BBQ.

Last Friday Steph and I were invited to a little party in South Austin.  Some friends had come down from Dallas to visit and decided to throw a little shindig.  Most people don't seem to know about green wine but if you like having a glass or two on a hot summer evening then you should consider it.  Served cold, green wine usually comes slightly carbonated and has a nice crispy flavor.  Not really sweet and certainly not acidic this young wine can really hit the spot.  Just look for the Vino Verde.  And pick up a couple extra so you can invite friends over for drinks and good times.

We also tried a few different beers.  Mexican standards, Microbrewed Vanilla Porters, even one with a funny name.  They were all delicious.  If you haven't noticed the beer cooler in a while you might want to check it out the next time you're at the grocery.  Microbrews have taken off and there is such a wide variety of beers to be found I don't even know where to start sometimes.  Luckily I have a friend, Jack Diddley, that loves to try new beers all the time so I just check his beer blog on  He's reviewed almost 600 different beers.  So the man knows his beer.

While we were chatting with old and making new friends Steph and I we offered some leftover Franklin BBQ.  If you don't know, Franklin BBQ is the place that has people lined up before they open each day and has been known to run out of food before noon.  How could we pass up such an opportunity?  I'll have to say Franklin BBQ is delicious.  We had some brisket from a sandwich and it was great.  A little smoky, a little greasy, quite the savory snack to go with a good beer and good friends.  It made me want to go stand in line to have more though I doubt I really will.  I hate standing in lines.  Probably a flashback of my Army days.  But nonetheless that was some good BBQ.

So thanks to Julia for inviting us to share in good food, good drinks and most importantly good friends.  Cheers!

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