Monday, October 3, 2011

McAlister's Deli and home of the Big Nasty

Normally I like an Italian sub if I'm eating a deli sandwich. I love that combination of spicy cold cuts, crunchy lettuce, flavorful sweet peppers and the tangy bite of oil and vinegar. Or if it's the other half of the year I'll get excited about a good Reuben. That's not what I love about McAlister's Deli. When I walk into their Southern themed, hospitality is number one, restaurant it's all about the Big Nasty.

The Big Nasty is 1/3 pound of rare, thinly sliced, roast beef laid down on a bed of French baguette and covered in a delicious brown gravy. They even top it off with a mix of grated cheese and a side of your choice. I selected potato salad. It was just plain wonderful. The brown gravy had plenty of flavor and stood up to the roast beef well. The roast beef was tender and moist and even the bread was fresh. You can't get a better knife and fork sandwich than this. Well you probably can but this one is really good too.

You order at the counter but after that the friendly staff takes care of you by bringing out your order, getting you refills on your drinks and making sure everything is perfect. They even gave us a couple of free cookies. I can't say why but it was closing time and maybe they were going to throw them out. It's a good thing Steph and I were there to save those cookies from such a fate. We both had chocolate chip and they were big, full of chips and on the moist side. No crumbly, dry cookies here.

I really couldn't get over how friendly the staff was. They really made us feel at home and if you've been reading my blogs for a while you know that goes a long way for me. Needless to say I'll be back for another Big Nasty in the future.

Until tomorrow ya'll take care now...

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