Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saccone's has great pizza but that Jersey attitude can go

Steph and I love Saccone's Pizza.  We've been eating it since they were off 183 in that little complex that caught fire.  The problem we've always had is they only bring it about 85%.  There's just something that disappoints every time.  Once they ran out of pepperoni, another time they were out of soda, just those little things that don't kill the deal but make me stay away for a while.  I guess my point is we'd eat there more often if they brought that number above 90% but I don't see that happening.  We've also noticed a certain negative attitude not only from the staff but from the customers too.  Steph called it unwelcoming and sterile while I thought it felt like anger.  Whatever it is they need to get rid of it.  This last time we ate there some jackass put a huge door ding on the passenger side door of my car.  And it wasn't just a little scrape, it was that down in the paint and dented in kind.  They knew they did it and really they had to try to make that much damage.  I'm not blaming this on Saccone's but it does go to the general feel we always get when eating there.  I wish I could fix it because they have some of the best pizza in town.  So let's talk about that.

They only offer one size pizza and it's pretty big.  Should feed four people easily.  Their crust is that thin style you would expect from a New Jersey style place with a big bready bone to dip into a little cup of marinara if you like that kind of thing.  They've stuck to their recipe and portions all through the recession so that deserves a tip of the hat.  We always get the Cody's Special which has their sweet sauce, sausage, pepperoni, meatball and garlic.  The ingredients complement each other nicely and create a little symphony of flavor.  Not too much bread, not too much sauce, not too much meat and plenty of cheese.  I just love that pizza.

We also ordered a new item on the menu this time, pepperoni rolls, for an appetizer.  They were also some of the best rolls I've had in Austin and would have been a great appetizer but true to form they came out after they served us the pizza.  Again, we were disappointed but the food is so good we will give them another chance as soon as we start to forget the last experience.

I really wanted to be more positive about Saccone's but that's just how the grumpy fat man sees it.  Great $#@%*& pizza but you might be disappointed in the service and atmosphere.


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