Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Opie's Barbecue is the best place for baby back ribs. PERIOD.

I've been to barbeque joints all over central and north Texas and Opie's has, by far, the best baby back ribs I've every tried.  And I don't even like baby back ribs.  Steph is the baby back lover in the family but Opie's may very well convert me to the ways of pork.

We woke up a little early for a Saturday, jumped in the car and headed west.  Our destination, Spicewood, Texas; our mission, to eat some barbeque.  Little did I know I would have a barbeque revelation.  Opie's is located on Highway 71 at the 191 Spur.  It's less than an hour out of town so really not far enough to call it a day trip though Steph did notice those "antique" and "what not" shops on the way.  We were hungry so those are left for another day as the belly takes precedence.

The parking was ample but a little haphazard.  We ended up in the back and walked up to the front door.  As I rounded the corner the wind blew that heavenly smell of bbq smoke into our noses.  Steph said, "Yum!" and I knew we were in for a treat.  As you walk in you're greeted by the meat cutter standing next to a big pit of everything you would expect at a barbeque joint.  Brisket, different kinds of sausage, baby backs, pork ribs and probably other meats that I just didn't see from the mountain of beef and pork before me.  We had a coupon so we ordered more than we needed. A little lean and a little moist brisket, jalapeno sausage and baby backs.  The guy threw it all on a tray and passed us off to the girl that sliced and weighed it.  Then we had to make several more decisions.  They had about a dozen homemade sides to choose from, both hot and cold.  I grabbed some coleslaw and Steph ordered some cheesy tator tot casserole.  We also had about a dozen homemade desserts to admire.  Steph made me pick so I chose the Coke Cake.  We even took a giant brownie to go with all the leftover meat.  We had big plans to eat it with a bottle of 2008 Black Fox Cab we've been saving for a while but after the feast we had at lunch we didn't get hungry again that day.

Opie's is a pretty big place with those tables and chairs made from what I call firewood.  The kind that looks like you just cut down a post oak, cut it into the right length sections and nailed it together to make a chair.  Then spray a bunch of sealer over the whole thing.  They're big, tough and heavy so I know they'll never wear out.  And they'll hold the grumpy fat man so that's a plus.  You'd be surprised at some of these little boutique places that make the grumpy fat man sit in a child's seat.  They must think people don't get bigger than five foot two. But not at Opie's, they are prepared for the biggest of appetites.

Opie's offers a big island full of condiments such as warm barbeque sauce, pinto beans, white bread, pickles, onions, hot sauce, jalapenos and probably a few things I've forgotten.  That stuff is all free with your order.

I noticed several things about the staff and setup at Opie's that made me feel happy about being there.  Aside from being greeted at the door and welcomed by the lady at the register they came around and asked if we were happy or needed anything.  They also pointed out where to get extra foil and bags to take home all the left overs.  The thing that stood out about the layout was they had four different exits.  That told me they trusted their customers and just wanted them to enjoy some fine barbeque.  And I commend them for that.

Obviously I had a good time at Opie's and will be back.  What are your favorite barbeque joints around the Austin area?

Take it easy and I'll see you tomorrow.

If you want to see pics and get a different perspective on Opie's BBQ just visit Steph's blog: Opie's BBQ Spicewood TX

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