Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Daddy's can't take honest criticism

Before I get to my review I noticed a couple of behaviors of the owner that I think need to be addressed.  On their facebook page they regularly cleanse the comments of less than glowing reviews.  When I asked them why they can't take honest criticism they told me they sent my comments straight to the owner.  When I asked them why they only deleted negative comments they just deleted my question.  As a veteran I believe in the Constitution and especially free speech.  Now sure, that just means the government can't arrest you for speaking your mind but Big Daddy's parent restaurant Nutty Brown held a Tea Party rally recently.  How can you support a movement that claims to love the Constitution and it's principles but still censor a veteran of his honest opinion of their food?  Just something to think about.  Let me know what you think about my view, I'd really like to know if you think it matters.  Now on to the show...

This was our second try at Big Daddy's Burgers and Bar and it hasn't gotten any better.  Our first experience was filled with overcooked burgers and grease soaked onion rings, this time it's over cooked burgers and over cooked fries.  And even a few of the fries were raw in the middle.  Don't even ask me how you overcook a fry and it's still raw.  Well actually I know.  They hand cut the fries at Big Daddy's but have absolutely no care for consistency so some are big, some are small, some are in between and none of them are done right.  And while we're on the subject of consistency let's discuss the waiters asking how I'd like my burger cooked.  Medium Rare doesn't mean a grey brown center with little juice.  That's called Well Done.  And you're batting 4 out of 4 on this one.  Steph and I have ordered 4 different burgers over two trips and all 4 were Well Done.  I even tried to make myself believe my Bad Boy Grilled Cheese Burger was just medium but Steph just wouldn't let me lie to myself.  It was overcooked and I was sad.  I ate it all though because it was still pretty good.  Not good enough for the prices you charge but pretty good nonetheless.  Honestly for the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen I'd say you charge twice as much as you're worth.  I also had a problem with your definition of 1/2 pound burger.  Looks more like a 1/3 pound to me or perhaps other burger places just make theirs bigger and fatter.  Just look at Steph's pic here and compare it to a burger from Bacon here. They both claim 1/2 pound on the menu but the difference is stunning.

Steph had the Meat Peeper Burger. She liked it to a degree but as we're realizing all the specialty burgers aren't well balanced in flavor.  They sound great on paper but the execution is certainly lacking.  The Meat Peeper Burger has crispy pork and duck confit with bacon and pepperoni too.  Steph said it was like eating a pork chop on top of a burger or "meat overload."  Now to be fair she orders burgers plain and dry so keep that in mind.  They did overcook the burger and it didn't look near 1/2 pound but I've already been over that.  She barely touched her fries so that was a waste.

Now for the good things about Big Daddy's.  The wait staff is excellent and helpful and even have a great sense of humor when they slip and drop a bunch of dishes on the floor.  Actually I don't remember what she said but we laughed with her.  They keep your drinks filled and really want you to have a good time.  Our second trip was on a Tuesday, I think, and they were playing a trivia game for prizes.  Ten random trivia questions one round, Ten 80's songs on the next round.  Steph and I really had fun trying to remember a few of those 80's songs.  See if you remember who sang Midnight Blue without hitting the internet.

Overall I'll still stick with overpriced and poorly cooked food but they do have a great atmosphere so there is hope.  Maybe we'll try them again if they offer another coupon to bring us back one more time.

BTW, Midnight Blue was by Lou Gramm of Foreigner fame.  What other bands did you like in the 80's?

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