Monday, October 10, 2011

Hoody's knocks sandwiches out of the park

Sometimes I just want a good cold cut sandwich and that was my mission for the day when we stopped by Hoody's. They're on 620 in that shopping center just before you hit I35. There's an Indian and Mexican restaurant in there too. Hoody's is back in the corner.

You'll walk in to a couple rows of booths built from 2x4. It's a style I haven't seen before but it works. They have a TV tuned to sports on all the time and pictures of the local sports talent all over the walls. You can tell they support the local high school teams. Everyone was watching a little league game on the TV and actually cheering a bit as Aruba scored their first run of the game against Chinese Taipei. We didn't care who won, it was just fun to watch.

I had a "Special" which is basically an Italian sub. They dressed it all the way with lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers and a nice vinaigrette that looked like it was from red wine vinegar. They pile on the meat and make the sandwich a bit different than most. It starts with a couple slices of cheese, then the veggies, then they kind of wrap the meat around the veggies. It really works to bring out all the flavors in harmony.

Steph ( She's Fed Up in Austin ) had the Philly Cheese Steak.  She wasn't as impressed.  Now she's had the "Special" and raved about it so I know she likes the place, but the Philly fell short of a home run.  The cheese was a couple slices and one the bottom, the meat was more like chopped brisket and it didn't look all that moist though she didn't say it was dry.  Mainly Steph was disappointed by the portion of meat as it was less than she expected and the cheese wasn't really in the game to play.  Oh well, a 1-1 season isn't all that bad.

We always get the fountain IBC root beer at Hoody's. The guy that takes your orders talked us into it one day and we've been hooked ever since. The creamy nature of the root beer goes well with the sandwich. And it kind of makes you feel a kid again which I always like. No pickles to throw on the windows though. We'll save that for a different restaurant.

They also have a wide variety of chips. Zapp's, Lay's and some other good ones are available but you must remember to save room for a TastyCake. They are those little cakes, sort of like a Hostess cup cake or Zinger in taste but square like a brownie. Makes the meal that much more special.

That's it.

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