Friday, October 7, 2011

Plucker's should be better

Every time Steph and I get in the mood for chicken we think, "Mmm, Plucker's..." And every time we leave Plucker's we think, "That should have been better."  I don't know if it's the young staff or maybe the cooks aren't very well trained but they always manage to do something that knocks them from yum to ho-hum.  This evening it was serving us tepid chicken.  And skimping on the toss sauce.  The service was good this time so they are getting better in that category.  Let's review.

Both of us ordered the boneless chicken platter.  Steph has the bbq sauce and mac-n-cheese as her side.  The chicken came out like it was freshly cooked but since the sauce was ice cold it took all the heat from the chicken. Thus a plate of cold chicken.  Certainly not worth the nine bucks they charge.  The mac-n-cheese was hot and fresh and we decided it was made to order as the noodles didn't taste like they were sitting around in water all night.  And that might explain the cold chicken.  Perhaps the cooks need to learn proper timing to get the food out hot and fresh, we're certainly paying for them to do it right.

I had the standard buffalo medium sauce and waffle fries for my side.  The whole plate was cold and they barely put enough sauce on the chicken to heat it up with spice.  A few years ago those chicken pieces would be dripping with sauce and quite honestly they would have been a bit bigger.  We've noticed over time that the portions are getting smaller and that's probably why we don't go back as often.  At least they stopped training the wait staff to give us the eye roll when Steph asks for water and we don't order an appetizer.  Now they try to make you feel like you're not worthy if you don't sign up, and pay, for the Plucker's club.  It gets you a little discount and if you ate there once a week it might be worth it.  Still, they really need to let up on the you're not good customers if you don't spend a load of money here attitude because it's just not going to work for us.  Maybe that's why they send out our food cold?  I'm not joining the club to find out.  And as usual it will be a few months before I forget all of this and we go back.  Too bad there's not another chicken place in town.  Oh wait...

Sorry for grumpin' it up today but it just needs to be said.  Have a good weekend!

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