Friday, October 21, 2011

Tony C's Coal Fired Pizza is most improved

Tony C's is my new pick for most improved restaurant this month.  Steph and I went when they were first opened and didn't really like the experience.  The waitress played the hard sell and basically told us we ordered wrong when we turned down her appetizer suggestion and built our own pizza.  It took over a year before we decided to try them again.  Well, over a year to forget and a nice coupon.  I'm glad to say they have raised the bar on service and their food quality is very high as well.

We were greeted at the door and seated right away.  The place is kind of small, oddly shaped and the tables are very close together but somehow they make it work.  We sat at a table right by the pass so I thought we were in for a night of loud waiters and people standing over us while we ate but I was wrong.  The manager seemed to notice and quieted the area down.  I appreciated that.  If there was one gripe about staff for the night it would be that while we were eating about a half dozen kids came in and all congregated by the POS / drink station.  They all had cups and were filling them with soda and talking.  Seems they were there for a staff meeting.  It seemed a bit inappropriate for them to walk in off the street and use the drink gun without first washing their hands and such.  It's a nit but there's a reason they have wash your hands signs in restaurants.  I'm writing this post the following day of our visit so no harm done as Steph and I are still alive and well.

Our waiter came over after a few minutes and took our drink order and asked if we had any questions.  He was pleasant and did a good job throughout the evening.  We ordered a couple Cokes and decided on our pizza.  Double pepperoni with roasted garlic.  Large.  I ordered a 1/2 house salad with Italian dressing.  The salad was served within minutes.  I really loved the tangy and herbed flavor of their dressing.  It was a little stronger in flavor than most.  The salad was full of different greens, roasted peppers, onions, garbanzo beans, pepperoncini, cherry tomatoes and a little sprinkling of mozzarella.  It was probably big enough for two so that was nice.  The only thing I didn't like, and this wasn't too big a deal, were the big fibrous veins in the lettuce.  They should have cut them up a little more is all as it made it hard to eat.  Yeah I know and no my mommy doesn't cut up my steak anymore either.  I admit it's a nit but these were really big veins.

Our pizza came out as soon as I finished my salad.  It was a nice New York style thin crust and more than piping hot.  The pepperonis had a little burn on them, like we want, and the crust was nice an crispy.  I really enjoyed the sauce.  It tasted fresh and wasn't overly seasoned which complimented the pepperonis very well.  They put the sauce on the bottom so the crust gets a nice chew to it with a crispy bottom.  By the end of the meal it's more chew than crisp but still very enjoyable.  There was plenty of cheese but not too much.  Steph said she felt it was a very balanced flavor between all the components.  And they have real roasted garlic!  The big pieces that just melt in your mouth.  Some places say they have roasted garlic and then just put some minced garlic on and call it a day.  Tony C's has the real deal and that alone will make us come back for more.

What a pleasant experience we had at Tony C's.  I'm glad we went back and tried it again.  They are a little more than most pizza places but given the area I wouldn't say they are overpriced and the quality is certainly fitting.  Three different people said Goodbye and Thanks as we left so they certainly appreciate their customers.

Check out Steph's view of Tony C's with pictures by clicking here.

Caio! And have a great weekend.

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