Friday, September 30, 2011

Jason's Deli piles it high

Sandwiches are strange things. Most people don't agree on what makes a good sandwich. Some like mustard, some like mayonnaise, some like both. And that's just one aspect of a sandwich. I usually prefer mustard over mayonnaise but there are many other dressings I'll use on a sandwich. For the Reuben there is only one correct dressing, Russian. Some try to pass off 1000 Island, which is good too, but Russian dressing is by far the correct dressing on a Reuben sandwich. Jason's Deli piles the corned beef high on their Reuben and tops it off with some tangy sauerkraut and swiss cheese on toasted rye. There are better Reubens in town but you have to pay twice as much and those other places aren't twice as good anyway. Well, there is the duck pastrami Reuben at Noble Pig. Now that's a good sandwich and at a reasonable price but we're talking about a traditional Reuben right? Jason's Deli has a better than most sandwich for a fair price.

One thing that seems to bug people about Jason's is their set up. When you walk in you really have to know where to go because it's just not obvious. They have a counter for take out, which looks like where you would order for anything, and a counter for dine in which is kind of around a corner and rather hidden along a sneeze guarded line with refrigerated boxes full of all types of desserts. Once you order they will normally give you a number and then you get your drink, a salad from the salad bar if you ordered one, and find a table. They bring your sandwiches out to you. If it's a cold sandwich you might get to pick it up at the end of the line but I can't remember the last time I had a cold sandwich at Jason's Deli.

If you have room after enjoying your sandwich you can also get a little ice cream from the soft serve machine. They offer the vanilla, chocolate and swirled options in either a cone or cup. It's a nice little after dinner treat.

Overall I've always had a good experience at Jason's Deli. The prices are right for counter service, the staff is friendly, the place is always clean and they truly have good quality sandwiches for a fair price. I'll certainly be going back the next time I'm in the mood for a sandwich.

Have a great weekend!

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