Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cherrywood Coffeehouse is the land of wifi and coffee

It was a late Tuesday and Steph wasn't too hungry so we headed down to Cherrywood Coffeehouse for some sandwiches, dessert and a little coffee. It's not hard to find, just head east from I35 on 38 1/2 street and you'll see it on the left about 1/4 mile.  They have a fairly large area to hang both inside and out with some couches and what looked like comfy chairs in a separate room.  Everyone had their heads buried in a laptop which I found amusing at first.  It initially appeared that all the patrons congregated to this place and then jumped online to talk to other people at other coffee shops.  In the end quite a few people actually talked to each other, live, face to face.  Like the grumpy fat man did in the old days before the interwebby thing.  I then found myself chuckling at how guys meet other guys to make friends.  In my circles we just start talking to each other like we've always been friends.  It's no big deal, you're just making conversation.  What I noticed about these college kids is they were kind of timid when introducing themselves.  Perhaps I'm just old and don't care what people think about me anymore.  I guess I had my awkward social moments twenty years ago.  It was just that, "I don't want to be rejected," vibe that struck me as odd.  Perhaps there was more going on there than I realized.  It was interesting all the same.

Let's get to the food.  I had their Gyro sandwich and a cup of iced mint tea.  The Gyro sandwich comes on toasted french bread with a generous portion of gyro meat.  It has that cucumber dressing on it with cucumber and tomato slices, baby spinach, onions and a little layer of hummus.  I think it was supposed to have feta cheese on it but I didn't notice it on the sandwich.  They served corn chips and a nice slightly spicy hot salsa on the plate.  I thought the gyro meat was good.  It had that same standard flavor you would find in any Greek restaurant.  Just a little bit salty and full of flavor.  The bread held up through the whole meal so that was a plus.  You just never know if you'll be eating the last few bites of a sandwich with a fork at some of these places.  They did a good job on that.

Steph ordered some breakfast tacos.  She's been on a breakfast taco kick for some time now.  They were full of eggs and sausage and she said she enjoyed the flavors.  They looked good though I didn't try it.  We also shared a basket of french fries.  They hand cut them so Steph had to try them out.  You may not believe this but she has an extensive list of restaurants that details how they do their fries.  Just the fries.  I'll have to get her to do a whole week on the french fry.  That would be a fun read.

The service at Cherrywood Coffeehouse was good.  They are friendly, helpful and bring your food out to you when it's ready.  There were a couple times when the line to order backed up a bit but it's a coffeehouse and things are a little more laid back so I didn't think much of it.  We're all there to relax.

Speaking of relaxing, after dinner Steph ordered a slice of some kind of date and nut cake and I had a Cuban coffee.  The cake was nice and moist and full of dates and nuts as you would expect in a date and nut cake.  I suppose that's why they call it a date and nut cake.  I'm not sure how to describe it.  Steph said it reminded her of the flavors of fall and I agree with that but it was a bit more unique because it didn't have those cinnamon or pumpkin pie flavors.  I'm going to guess it was more of a Mediterranean recipe.  My coffee came out piping hot and strong as it should be for a Cuban.  Can't say much more about that.

That's it for now kids.  See you tomorrow.

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