Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long John Silver's be good fishin' say I

Arrr ye mateys it's time to talk like a pirate and eat some British fast food. I remember the first time I walked into a Long John Silver's back in the 70's. Back when they still had the nautical theme. That smell of grease and fish, but mostly grease, always takes me back to that memory. The captain's chairs, the big rope, the browns and blue tones on the walls. But the thing I loved most about Long John Silver's was those crispy bits they would add to your plate. Sure it was just the extra batter from frying the fish but that really made the meal for me as a kid. OK, that was back when they battered the fish at the restaurant too so they've lost most of their appeal already and I haven't even gotten to the next paragraph. Still, I love the taste of their fish even today and never miss a side of clams. It's a bit salty and it's deep fried but who doesn't love some good olde fish and chips every now and then.

These days I have to drive up to Cedar Park to get my LJS fix. They've teamed up with A&W Root Beer so you can get burgers, hot dogs, fish, chicken, etc. I guess you could call them kid friendly though I've never seen a kid in the place. They probably just get the food to go.

We've had our ups and downs at the Cedar Park location. 90% of the time the staff is fine. They greet you and ask what they can get for you but that's about it. You can ring the bell when you leave but that usually gets the obligatory "thanks" that feels like it's said by a smart alec teen. We had one big blow up where the girl literally threw a dollar on the counter when we asked about the pricing of an item. "There, take your dollar" or some version of that was said. It was actually more than a dollar but why quibble about change. We had to complain to corporate on that one. They gave us a free meal for the outburst but even the manager wasn't particularly friendly. But again, this is fast food week so really you get what you pay for so take all this with that caveat in mind.

Actually, Steph has started getting me to drive up to Round Rock to their Long John Silver's. I'll have to admit they provide a more pleasant experience overall and the staff seems a bit happier.

Well mateys that be all me writing for today. A hearty fare thee well to ya...

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  1. I am a good natured, moderately sized but VERY OLD grandmother-type gal slowed down by a stroke. I type with one hand and can no longer tap dance or play the piano.

    I live now in Wisconsin among cheeseheads but I am, by birth and inclination, a pure proud Okie. Not of the word-mincing, late-coming Red-State "conservatie" mentality but an outspoken "by God" LIBERAl!

    I came across your blog by accident...wildly pleased by anything with Tulsa in its text. I worked for The Ponca City News for twenty years but was reared with Jerry Webber in (hand over hearts, please) Kaw City.

    Reading you made my day. Thank you!.