Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Notch now takes credit cards and is still, well, top notch

The first time I went to Top Notch was many years ago with a guy from work.  The place screamed 1972 from it's earthy orange shades to it's wall mounted examples of barbed wire.  They even took your order on those little paper tablets.  It reminded me of when I worked at a hamburger joint, but we added everything up in our heads.  No calculators, just pencil and paper.  It was lunch time so we had to stand in line for a few minutes and that's when I realized they only took cash.  If you needed cash you could just turn around and use the cash machine on the opposite wall behind you.  We didn't take credit cards or checks either but that was back in the 1980's, this is 2004.  Since then the restaurant has changed hands, sadly due to the death of the original owner, but thankfully the new owners haven't changed much.  And the changes I noticed are all to the good side.

You can still get the single patty burger or the double burger if you're hungry.  You can still get chicken, though I've never tried it so I guess that needs to go on the list.  They still have those good fries and excellent onion rings.  But now they offer tater tots and they take credit cards.  Top Notch is now in the 20th century.  I didn't notice if they had wifi yet.  That would be too much for a grumpy fat man to handle.

Today I had the Longhorn Special as it comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and their special sauce.  It's double meat too.  Steph had the same but plain.  The patties are thin, like the old drive in days, and they toast the buns before dressing them out.  Steph had tater tots and was really happy they put them on the menu.  She even mentioned how Top Notch always seemed like they would have tater tots but never did until now.  While the patties are thin they are still nice and juicy.  It just doesn't take as long to cook them and get them out to you.  If you're in a hurry at lunch time you can still get a superior burger without having to wait forever.

I've noticed they are having different promotions at Top Notch these days.  A car show, watch a movie outside, live music.  They're really pushing this place as a mecca of fun and good eats.  I'd say they're doing the original owner proud and to that I salute you Top Notch.  Oh, before I forget, you can see Top Notch on the big screen in the movie Dazed and Confused so it's a bit famous to boot.

That's it.  Cut....

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