Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Burger King still kicking out flame broiled goodness

If there's one thing that sets all the other fast food burger joints apart is flame broiling.  Burger King has hooked me on their flame broiled burgers since I was a kid.  Well, that and getting the paper crown which is almost as fun as the paper pirate's hat at Long John Silver's.  Mmm, remember when they put all those extra crunchy bits on the plate at LJS?  And when you walked into an LJS you could just feel the grease in the air.  Oops, that's a blog for another time.  Today is all about Burger King.

Here's one thing I've found about Burger King.  Don't order the combos.  They aren't a good deal.  Order off the dollar menu and save a few bucks.  It's fast food, so who cares if you can afford the giant Texas Double Whopper daddy warbucks, save a few bucks to eat somewhere nice tomorrow.  I normally eat at the Burger King in Cedar Park or at the corner of 183 and Anderson Mill.  Both of these locations have great service with a smile and a friendly "have a good day!" as you leave.  They are both spotless no matter if it's lunch rush or a slow afternoon plus they are fast and to this day have never gotten my order wrong.  And I might add the Chocolate Shakes are really good for the price.

Now to ordering.  I usually get a couple BK Singles for a buck each.  If it's really hot outside I'll get a medium chocolate shake.  That will run you less than five bucks.  If you want fries or onion rings just add on another buck.  I usually don't get fries or rings since the grumpy fat man should watch his weight a little better.  And well, that chocolate shake isn't helping my girlish figure either.  At least I'm cutting out something so don't judge. : )  If you're a more petite size then just get one burger and you'll probably be full.  Whatever you order just remember to look over at the dollar menu.

If you want to relive a little of your childhood I've noticed some Burger Kings offer Icees now.  If you don't know what an Icee is then first of all take my heartfelt apology for missing out on one of the greatest childhood memories.  That first brain freeze from an Icee.  It's just a slushy frozen Coke or other flavor but it really hits the spot on a hot summer day.  Try one the next time you go to Burger King and throw a few pickles on the windows to watch them race.  Hey, everyone needs to act a little childish every now and then.  And if you get caught just bolt out the door and run until you have to stop.  It's fun and you'll just laugh after you cough up all the junk in your lungs from sitting around all day. : )  Hey, I'm here to keep you healthy one shenanigan at a time.

And speaking of shenanigans I have a few to get into so that's all for now.

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  1. I want the old school bk back! Where smoke poured out of the roof! Now they just microwave or something!