Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five Guys Burgers goes the extra mile

It started with a trip to get burgers by the President and now Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a favorite of mine.  I've never met even one of the five guys but I have met some really friendly people working at Five Guys.  We used to hit the one on Guadalupe at least once a week but now it's more of a once in a while at the Arboretum.  And I might add, there is not an arboretum at the Arboretum.  We asked one time and it turned into an Abbott and Costello routine.  Is there an arboretum at the Arboretum.  Yeah, it's the Arboretum.  But is there an arboretum?  Yeah, it's the Arboretum.  We could have kept that going all day.  Let's get back to Five Guys.

Steph and I had our normal cheeseburgers.  Hers was plain as in meat, cheese and bread only.  That's the only way she'll eat a burger. I put mustard, pickle, onion, tomatoes and jalapenos on mine.  The cheeseburger is double meat and double cheese.  It'll fill you up.  The beef patties are hand formed and cooked to order.  They literally yell, "two patties please", when you order.  We share an order of fries because the order is pretty big, especially when you have the regular cheeseburger.  They are hand cut and always hot and fresh in the bag.  That's another thing about Five Guys.  They serve you the order in a bag even it you are getting it to "eat here."  The burgers will be on the bottom, then a paper cup full of fries and then another scoop of fries all over everything.  We have to dig out the burgers and then pour the fries onto the wrapper.  It's a feast to behold.

When the staff isn't busy taking orders and cooking they go that extra mile and walk the dining room floor.  They might bring out your food or get you a refill on your drink.  It all depends on the timing.  I really appreciate that about the restaurant.

Did I mention they're open late?  Well late as in 10pm, but if you've ever tried to find something that's a little better than cheap fast food after 9pm then you know what I mean.  And if you know of some great places that stay open later on a week night let me know.

Have a good one.

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