Friday, September 9, 2011

Taco Bell is my second pick for fast food Mexican but that's just fine

I've probably said this a hundred times so far but being from Tulsa you grow to love Taco Bueno as fast food heaven. As opinions go they are my favorite fast food restaurant of all time. That being said I don't have the opportunity for Taco Bueno as often in Austin so Taco Bell is a good substitute. They are always friendly, clean and fast. Not to mention the food isn't bad for what it is.

Taco Bell is another place where you should forget about the combos. They usually aren't the best deal. Lately Taco Bell has a separate set of combos for two bucks that are good and their dollar menu is always on my list. The two buck combos come with one entree plus a drink and bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. I usually get the double decker taco combo and add a taco or bean burrito to fill me up. And the double decker taco is like a bean burrito and taco all in one so I'm really getting three entrees. Sometimes it's a little too much I will admit. Now the drink is a small so you might have to get up to refill it more often but saving a couple bucks over the other combos and specialty items is worth it to me. Sometimes I'll order a specialty thinking it sounds good but they never really live up to the picture. One day I'll learn to stick with the basics and be happy.

So that's it for fast food week on the grumpy fat man blog. Hope you enjoyed it and I'll be back next week with reviews and muses about my food cravings.

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