Friday, September 16, 2011

Salt Lick Barbecue is certainly good but does it live up to the hype?

I think everyone has heard of the Salt Lick Barbecue in Driftwood, TX. Everywhere I go I'm asked if I've been there since I live so close.  Steph and I ventured out to the Salt Lick on a lazy Saturday afternoon not knowing what we were getting ourselves into.  You really have to be prepared for such an occasion or it won't be very pleasant.  Listen to me now my children so you won't make the same mistakes as I have.

Going to the Salt Lick is like attending a pastoral game, like baseball.  It starts and ends on it's own time.  You can't rush it so just relax and enjoy the day.  That said, don't show up hungry.  Bring something to snack on if you think you'll get hungry in the next hour or two.  Salt Lick is all about hanging around and waiting.  Given that truth you should bring good friends.  And the talkative kind.  You're going to need some good conversation while you wait so it may as well be interesting and funny.  Or whatever you enjoy, it's your day.  I'm told you can bring your own ice chest.  You may as well take advantage of that and fill it with your favorite beverages and snacks.  While you're sitting around with good friends laughing and joking why not enjoy a nice ice cold beverage.  Especially in the heat we've been having around here.  So now you are having a good time talking to good friends, enjoying a nice cold beverage and forgetting about the wait.  You're on your way to a good time.

Now they call your name and take you to your picnic table.  Take advantage of the fact you just waited a long time to get some good grub and order a little extra.  Why not! It's Salt Lick.  This is more of an event than a mere dining experience.  Load up.  I ordered some brisket, sausage and pork ribs while Steph took pork ribs, turkey and chicken.  We shared and enjoyed a little of everything.  The plates come with potato salad, cole slaw and beans so you'll have plenty to go with the meat.

I'm told Salt Lick is the last place to keep an open pit going.  I didn't see it this day but I have seen it many times on the TV.  It looks amazing with all that delicious meat slow cooking and smoking to perfection.  It could make a grumpy fat man cry tears of joy.

It doesn't take long to get your food once you're seated but the staff doesn't rush you either.  Again, sit back and enjoy the experience.  You waited for it so no need to rush through it.  Enjoy every single savory bite.  I thought the brisket was excellent.  A nice smoke ring and moist but not to the point of tasting like roast beef as some places serve.  The sausage was pretty standard in texture and flavor so I liked it just fine.  The pork ribs were fall off the bone delicious with plenty of flavor.  I even enjoyed the turkey and chicken with their smoky flavor.  They do everything just right at the Salt Lick.  It's no wonder they have such a good reputation.

Let's talk about their sauce for a minute. It's very unique as far as I'm concerned.  They add a little mustard to the mix so you get a nice tangy, peppery flavor like a Texas sauce should have but add a little mustard note to that flavor.  I can't say it will ever be my favorite but you'll know you're at the Salt Lick when you taste it.

So that's it.  Do they live up to the hype?  The answer is yes, if you know how to take advantage of what the Salt Lick has to offer.  Give it a try if only to say you've been there.

Have a great weekend!

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