Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ahh Yee dis pizza be good ya'll at de Cajun Pizza Place

I'm not one to make fun of a person's accent, my dad had a thick accent himself that some couldn't quite understand, but when you enter the Cajun Pizza Place you know you're in the midst of some hardcore Cajuns.  And these Cajuns know how to make a good pie.  The place is tucked away in a little shopping center across the street from The Water Tank on McNeil just a bit east of 183.  Go north at the light and you'll see it.  The windows are tinted a bit so if it's late and it looks dark don't worry, they're open.

They have more than pizza on the menu but that's all I've had so that's all you get today.  I've seen a gumbo special sign several times and they have sandwiches on the menu.  Those shrimp po'boy kind of sandwiches.  I've heard from a NOLA transplant that they're good and traditional so I'll take his word on that.  Now back to the pizza.  They do the cracker crust at Cajun Pizza Place and for my money it's perfect.  Actually, I'm still trying to work out how they keep it from getting soggy as they cook it.  They pile the toppings on but only to the point where everything is in harmony.  Each savory bite is the perfect combination of crispy crust, melty cheese, spicy meats and veg.  And they are completely consistent now that I think about it.  We've had at least six pies there and they are always the same.  My uncle would respect their portion control.  Another thing I like about the Cajun Pizza Place is their soda machine is nice a strong.  No weak and watery soda here so it stands up to the pie.  They also offer beer and wine if you so desire something a little stronger.

The staff has always been nice and efficient though it seems like there's a new girl working every time we eat there.  Whatever the case they always have a smile on their face and appreciate the business so that always makes me want to come back and have another pie.  One day I'm going to try that gumbo though because it really sounds good.

Ya'll come back now and I'll see ya tomorrow.

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