Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jardin Corona is all about the lunch special

If it's lunch time and you're looking for something better than fast food but on the cheap then head over to Jardin Corona.  I go to the one in Cedar Park since it's near my office but they have a couple other locations around Austin.  It's a traditional sit down restaurant with the chips and salsa, friendly staff and fast service.  Now for the secret, just flip the menu to the back page and look for the lunch special of the day.  They have one for every work day and maybe weekends too but don't trust me on that since I only go during the week.  They are super cheap but still really tasty plus it's sit down service.  You don't even have to get up to refill your drink.

I've had several of their specials over the years but I think the best tasting one is the fajita burrito.  It's a good size to fill you up at lunch and stuffed full of beef or chicken fajita plus chili and beans then covered in a cheese sauce.  Another good choice is the Friday special with shredded beef or chicken flautas served with guacamole and sour cream.  All the foods are well made and honest but of standard quality. The meat has always been nice and tender and the chips have always been fresh.  In fact I think they make their own chips at the Cedar Park location.  Sometimes they have a little extra grease on them from going straight from the fryer to the table.  They don't go overboard with the spices so it's also a good place for someone that doesn't like the overly spiced food I love.  I just pour on some extra salsa and jalapenos and I'm happy especially for the price.

The staff has always been friendly and warm when greeting us and I've only had one incident where they messed up an order and really it wasn't all their fault.  I was eating with a friend and we both ordered the same dish but with different meat inside, it was flauta day.  They switched the dishes so I had chicken and he had beef.  No big deal since neither one of us noticed until we'd cleaned our plates.  And if that's Jardin Corona at it's worst then you really have nothing to worry about.

C'ya tomorrow mi amigos.

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