Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shoal Creek Saloon and watch the game ya'll

Steph and I were hungry on a Friday afternoon so we decided we'd try Shoal Creek Saloon.  Their good ol' cajun cooking just sounded good.  Well, it was pretty good but not perfect.  I'll give you all the highlights shortly.

When we walked into the saloon it was really like walking into a saloon.  The sun was out and bright then all of the sudden we walked into a darkened room full of groups of people laughing and talking and watching TV and just having fun.  I smiled.  Steph grabbed a table in the corner and we started looking through the menu.  Since they weren't too busy there was only one waitress so she was running in and out and staying busy on her own.

Steph loves crawfish so she ordered a basket of them which comes with hushpuppies.  I ordered the chicken fried steak sandwich and it comes with fries.  We also had a starter of cheddar cheese fries with a side of ranch.

The cheese fries came out fairly quickly.  There were plenty of them and plenty of real cheddar cheese melted over the top.  Not that thin cheese you ladle on like gravy either, this was real cheese.  We liked the flavors in it, especially the extra bacon Steph added on top.  It was yummy.

The food came out a little later.  I wasn't really paying attention on the timing, it was a lazy Friday afternoon and I wasn't too hungry nor in a hurry.  Steph's plate was piled high with fried crawfish.  She gave me the hushpuppies because they had jalapenos in them.  The hushpuppies were nice and crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside as you would expect.  Steph was loving the crawfish though so I stayed out of biting distance and dug into my sandwich.  The coating was unique as it had a distinct cajun flavor to it.  A little hot, a little savory, this and that as they say.  I liked it and thought it was a nice diversion from your standard chicken fried steak.  My only complaint is about halfway through the meal I hit that big vein of gristle that ruined it for me.  Too tough to bite through and too tough to chew.  I tried to eat around it but in the end the gristle won.  The coleslaw was sweet from what I remember and a little spicy too.  Cajun all the way.

So it was a little hit and miss at Shoal Creek Saloon.  Can't say it was bad food though a little disappointing.  The service was great and I'll probably go back at some point.  Maybe not the most glowing review but I bet they really tear it up on game days.  I could tell it was a place to have fun and let loose.

You can see Steph's take on Shoal Creek Saloon and pictures by clicking here.

Ahhh Yeeee!

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