Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Golden Wok serves up good food and dim sum

I kept hearing about these little Asian bbq pork kolaches that Steph's work friend would bring with her for lunch.  Finally I spent a little time and found the name then a place that served them in town.  You see, Steph's friend had them shipped from California where some relatives live.  I'll have to say they are tasty but in that Asian bbq way so don't get Atlanta pulled pork sandwiches in your head, this is a whole new animal.

Destination: Golden Wok; Goal: Char Siu Bau

First of all these aren't exactly like the treats Steph's friend had but they happen to have the same name.  I have no idea what it means in Chinese aside from delicious treats.  They come on the dim sum menu which was also something new for me.  I've always heard of it but never took the initiative to try it.  We only ordered this one dish from the menu then opted for more familiar ground for our meal.  Maybe next time we'll be more adventurous?  Maybe.  

The Char Siu Bau came three to an order in a little steamer basket.  They tasted fresh and were certainly hot and steamy when brought out.  The pork was flavorful in that Asian bbq way with the curry flavors mixing with the sweet tastes of the dough.  I'd certainly order them again.  Now on to the meal.

Steph tried something new and went with the Crispy Asian Beef.  It was little slices of beef, lightly breaded and fried up nice and crispy then plated with a rather spicy brown sauce, beans, carrots and sesame seeds.  The menu doesn't mention the veggies for those that don't like them.  Steph picked them out and they didn't leave a flavor she couldn't handle so no harm done.  She loved the beef and sauce over steamed white rice and commented that it had a good heat to it.  I liked the texture of the beef with the crispness of the breading and though it came together very well.

I ordered something I wouldn't normally get either, Sweet and Sour pork.  It was great though for me a little goes a long way.  The pork was very tender and cut into big chunks and fried up nicely.  The sauce was rich and flavorful but what you would expect sweet and sour to be.  Just an honest though rich dish.  I ate my fill and had a bunch left over to take home.  Steph did too actually.  Her beef dish was still tasty the next day though just heating it in the microwave made the coating a little mushy but that was just me being lazy.  I should have known to put it in the oven or re-fry it.

As service goes it was excellent.  The waiter helped us understand the Dim Sum menu and kept our glasses filled.  All with a smile.  

I'll certainly be back for more and dim sum.

Until tomorrow have a great day.

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