Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looking for a day trip this weekend, try the Moulton Town and Country Jamboree

This weekend all eyes will be on Moulton, Tx as they hold their annual Moulton Town and Country Jamboree. I've never been but I was told about this event last Friday by a BBQ guy named Larry that will be competing in one of the several best food events. They judge salsa, sausage, shrimp, beans, chicken, chili, spare ribs, 2 different brisket events and finally a bbq sauce.

The Chamber of Commerce site is a bit lacking in details but I found they will also have live music, a pie contest, arts and crafts booths, a 5k run early Saturday morning and many other events to showcase their "Small town with a heart as big as Texas." Somehow I envision meeting Aunt Bea, Floyd the barber and all those other great warm hearted characters there.

Looking at the map you could go two or three different ways out of Austin. Down to San Antonio then east on I10 until you reach 95 then head south. Or you could just take 183 south through Lockhart, and maybe stop there for a little extra BBQ, down to I10 and then the same as above. Or take what I call the ZZ Top tour and run 71 south to a little town called La Grange, they got a lot'a nice girls there :), and just keep going until you hit I10 then go back west to 95. Again from 95 and I10 just head south and you'll see it.

Just Google Moulton, Tx if you want to see if you can find more information. I had a hard time finding much but it's out there if you search hard enough and certainly sounds like a good time. Especially for you fast life city slickers that need to slow down and enjoy life a little.

Until tomorrow ya'll come back now...

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