Wednesday, July 20, 2011

El Patron - The food is fine for a bar but don't mistake it for a restaurant.

We hit El Patron in Cedar Park to try some Iranian Tex-Mex.  The owners are from Iran and proudly tell you their story on the front of the menu.  They fly the American and Texas flag out front off their large outdoor patio which was filled with people when we drove by after work.  On this occasion we went late afternoon so only a few people at the bar.  In fact we had to sit in the bar area.  They had TVs with sports and an endless soundtrack of 60s music playing so I got the impression I would see a large amount of Vietnam vet bikers coming in shortly.  The wait staff was all blonde so we knew right away this was going to be a bar trying to pass as a restaurant.  And don't get me wrong, I like bars. And blondes... OK I'm getting off track so here we go with the experience.

Steph ordered the cheese enchiladas with rice and borracho beans.  The enchiladas were plenty cheesy but the tortillas were dry and chewy.  She said the extra cheese made up for it.  The borracho beans tasted like just a bowl of pinto beans without seasoning so while they were OK there was nothing special to set them apart from any other place.

I had the beef burrito sauced with chile con carne, rice and refried beans.  It was your standard huge "baby's arm" burrito filled with ground beef, beans and cheese.  There were plenty of each inside and the chile sauce was full of ground beef too.  And if you like your food on the bland side you'd love this but alas this was the first tex-mex dish I've every had where I thought I needed to add salt.  I liked the refrieds, nothing stood out but they were honest beans.  The rice was fine but again nothing stood out.

Before the meal they served chip and salsa which were OK.  The chips were thin, crispy and fresh but the salsa was a little watery and didn't have much kick to it.  Again, if you like your tex-mex on the bland side then you might like it here.

As prices go the lunch special would have been reasonable but we came in after 3pm so had to pay dinner prices.  I thought they charged a bit too much for what they delivered but I like a spicy meal.

That's all for now so until next time, Ole!

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