Monday, July 18, 2011

Tired of slacker waiters and may as well slop it out food?

Hallelujah! We finally found a place in Austin that's local but has superior service!  The Old School Grill is in that strip mall on the NW corner of Parmer and McNeil.  Close to Tommy's house if you know him. This place sets the bar for service.  I always hear that the food brings'em in and the service brings'em back and well, I'll be back.  We asked and most meals are cooked to order from fresh ingredients.  The wait staff is superior so don't be afraid to ask for extra this or leave off that.  If you're not sure what you want just ask, they don't do the standard "my favorite is the [insert most expensive dish on the menu]" and they can actually describe the dishes and how they are cooked.  For example, how many places will point out that the chicken fried steak, made from NY strip no less, is cooked on the flattop instead of in the deep fryer.  Now that's how I remember them cooked when I was a kid going to my uncle's diner so they even earn points for their "Old School" name.  My wife tried the mac and cheese wedge and couldn't praise it enough but again the Old School staff went above and beyond.  They noticed she was running low on the creamy sauce they pour over it so they brought out more.  How many places do that?  They also have a well stocked bar for those days when you just need to unwind.  They suggested their Pimm's Cup cocktail.  It's a refreshing drink that's just right on a hot Austin day.  I'll leave the rest for you're own experience and review...  And if you wonder why I only give it 4 stars, well, someone told me there's always room for improvement.  Even at one of the best restaurants in town...

Wondering about that Pimm's cup?  It's one of the easiest drinks to mix evar...  In a 16 oz glass add half full with ice.  Pour in your favorite ginger ale until it's almost full and then finish it off with a couple ounces of Pimm's #1.  I found it at Spec's for about $16 a bottle.  The Pimm's itself is an British product made from a secret concoction of spices that is best described as lighter than Jagermeister and Ouzo but rich with flavor.  Add a twist of lemon and kick back for a refreshing drink after a long hot day at the office.

Until next time cheri-o as they say...

If you want to see pics and get a different perspective on Old School Grill just visit Steph's blog: Old School Grill

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