Sunday, October 28, 2012

Capps BBQ is some good food if you ask me.

It was Saturday evening and we were looking for something to fill our bellies so Steph and I ran down to Capp's BBQ on 11th Street a little west of Delaware.  They serve the TU area but that's no coincidence since Capp Crowder played ball for TU, even helped them win the Freedom Bowl according to their website:

They offer all the mainstays of bbq; brisket, pulled pork, ribs, hot links, bologna and probably something I've left out.  Steph and I both ordered the Cappwich which is a three meat monster sandwich of hot links, chopped brisket and bologna.  I don't know why, or how, I forgot how much I love bologna ( Indian round steak if you will ) but since they don't serve it in Texas I couldn't get it anyway.  No hot links either.  No wonder I happy to be back in Tulsa.  The first thing I noticed was hearing the cutter chopping in the back so I knew everything was going to be fresh.  I ate at a place in Sapulpa, OK last Saturday and opted for the buffet, all I can say is I should have know better and thank you Capp's for keeping things fresh and made to order.  Actually the first thing I noticed was the smell of smoke as we walked in, in fact it was also the last thing I noticed when I smelled that same smoke on my fingers after we left.  It reminded me of the pleasant experience, friendly people and good food.

To get back to Capp's and the meats, the brisket was chopped to order and not too wet nor too dry. We did mention there wasn't an overly smoky flavor to it but it was there.  The hot link was pretty hot, I thought it was a medium level of heat while Steph would probably say it set her tongue on fire.  We both still liked it as well as the giant slice of bologna grounding the whole sandwich to the bun.  It was probably a half inch thick and you could see all the smoke it held.  Really the Cappwich is just a three meat plate with one side if you ask me and well worth the $8.99 they ask.

Speaking of sides we had three; cole slaw, baked beans and onion rings.  I liked the cole slaw. It was a more traditional southern style with the cabbage and carrots and the dressing was thin and milky. Just a little sweet and not too rich in flavors.  The baked beans had some peppers in them so Steph didn't like them but I thought they were good.  The beans reminded me of a good can of pork and beans with a bit more kick. Again, not too rich and what I'd call traditional taste.  The onion rings were nice and crispy with that coating that's not a batter but more like you would use to make chicken fried.  The slices were thick and sometimes the onion string came out with the first bite as they tend to do. Overall the sides were as delicious as the meat, something you don't always find at a BBQ restaurant.

So here are two reasons to try Capp's. First, they are truly good food for a fair price so they stand on their own but if you happen to be in line at Burn Co. and they run out just head west and have Capp's instead, I don't think you'll be let down.

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  1. You forgot to mention how delicious the sweet sauce was. It really played well with the saltiness of the bologna.