Sunday, November 18, 2012

Silver Dollar Cafe has good food and quite the menagerie of fun and shopping

Just jump on Highway 169 and head north past Owasso to the lovely and prospering town of Collinsville where you'll find the Silver Dollar Cafe.  Take the Collinsville exit, turn back east and you'll see it on the right after several blocks.  Just look for the "high gravity" beer, "All you can eat chili dogs" and "Rules of the Man Cave" signs.

The first thing you'll notice is the tin ceiling tiles, rustic pine board seating and a group of skeeball and pool tables. This place is certainly family oriented and can get a little loud but it's big so you can get away from noise if you like. Just seat yourself.

Off in a separate room that looked like it had a stage of some sort there was a group of old timers playing bluegrass and country hits of olde. "Let me be your salty dog, or I won't be your man at all..." was the tune of the day as they played and laughed.  I didn't ask but I guessed they are just town folk that get together on Saturdays to play a little music and pass the time.  I enjoyed it so they made me tap my foot along with them.

If you need to find a Christmas gift for that hard to shop for relative you might also be in luck at the Silver Dollar Cafe.  They had long glass case of most anything you can think of rather out of the ordinary.  Life sized, blow up, Spiderman? Check. Survival knife? Check. Giant 64oz OU thermal coffee mug marked "medium?" Check.  Tin sign with "The Rules of the Man Cave?" Check.  You get the idea.

OK, enough about the decor and wares, let's get to the food.  They have a basic comfort food menu of chicken fried steak, 4 piece chicken plate, fried pork cutlet, all the usual suspects are there.  We started with a platter of onion rings. They were battered in probably the same batter as the chicken.  The slices of onion were thick but they were rather light as we ate them.  The batter was nice and honest, not too much seasoning but enough to enhance the flavor a bit.  I ate mine with the side of ranch dressing they served with the rings.  It was nice and thick and while I'm not a big ranch fan I thought it was some of the better ranch I've had.  I'd guess they made it inhouse given it's thick, rich flavor.

We both ordered hamburgers for our meal.  Steph had the BBQ Cheeseburger, small and a side of fries.  It's a good thing she asked what the small and large burgers meant as the price is deceiving.  Small is 1/2 pound while the large is a full pound.  Holy...  We both ordered small and asked for them to be cooked medium to medium rare.  The cook hit it perfect. Just a little pink inside.  I had the Hot Hamburger which is a little different. They take the 1/2 pound ( small ) patty, put it on a piece of Texas toast, cover that with fries and then ladle over plenty of brown gravy.  I was afraid the whole thing would be salty from the gravy but again they did it right and everything blended together nicely.

The service was exceptional, the lady waiting on us was attentive and almost overly nice about everything. She even noticed the soda pop was looking a little weak and changed the syrup tank for us. You can't do better than that!

Overall the Silver Dollar Cafe served up some really good comfort food at a more than reasonable price with exemplary service and we even knocked out a few Christmas gifts in the process.  Plus it's a nice little drive so you can get out of the big city for an hour or two and forget the stresses of the day.  Deep breath, breathe in that fresh air.  Obviously I'll be back to Collinsville and the Silver Dollar Cafe.  What a pleasant experience. Even the Grumpy Fat Man can smile at the Silver Dollar.  That's saying something.

The banner below says Owasso but just remember it's Collinsville a few miles further.

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