Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Los Cabos brings the BAD ATTITUDE to the masses

UPDATE October  10, 2012. I did receive a letter postmarked October 9, 2012.

UPDATE October 7, 2012.  It's funny how places are great one minute and not so great the next.  Steph and I have been back to Los Cabos a few times since I wrote the review below.  Let's just say they've gotten lazy and the staff is sorely lacking in training.  It was a Monday or Tuesday night and I was in the mood for some TexMex so we decided to hit Los Cabos.  They weren't busy but the greeter walked us all the way back to the large party area and tried to seat us right by the busy kitchen door.  I asked if we could sit somewhere less noisy, there were screaming kids and very loud conversations along with the bustle of wait staff running in and out of the kitchen.  She put on an annoyed look and just stood there.  I then suggested the table a little further from the door which wasn't much better but I could tell we weren't going to get anything outside of this noisy room.  Keep in mind the place is maybe half full at best. Sadly it went downhill from there.  The waitress also had a bit of an attitude, the server slammed our plates down and the large parties next to us continued to get louder when their babies started to cry.  All I wanted was a nice evening with my wife, a little conversation and some good food.  We ended up frustrated, trying to hear each other over the din of screaming children and a rude wait staff. Since I wanted to have a nice evening I didn't want to complain. This was a mistake. I later sent an email telling the restaurant manager how I felt but after a couple weeks he has yet to reply.  He did ask for my address but never bothered to make things right.  I guess in the end it's my way or the highway at Los Cabos.  I'll just stay on the highway next time.

I'll update this post if anything changes after October 7, 2012.

It was a windy Saturday evening when we rolled up to Los Cabos. They weatherman predicted strong thunderstorms and tornadoes but that didn't stop the crowds from lining up to get a hot plate of food and a cold refreshing beverage.  Steph and I met some of my classmates from high school for a little get together and I even saw one guy that I hadn't seen since we drove away from high school for the last time many years ago. He hadn't changed a bit.

We started off with their famous margaritas. They're served in a big beer goblet that's been chilled and honestly they're pretty strong.  One is enough but I was having a good time so I had two. I'm sure three would have been too much so just a heads up on that. They're on the tart side and not quite as sweet as some but I thought it was a nice way to start the evening.

Steph ordered the Fried Avocado appetizer for her entree while I had the Juarez Platter.  Steph changed it up a little by getting the chile sauce rather than the sour cream.  Also note they add green onions on top as a garnish but don't note it on the menu.  The plate came out with two big chunks of battered and fried avocado with the standard rice and refried beans.  Steph loved it.  She said the outside was crisp and the inside was nice and creamy.  If you like avocado you should probably try this at least once since it's not on many menus.

My Juarez platter was a standard mix of the Combination Platter I normally order. One beef tamale, one beef enchilada, one cheese enchilada and a beef tostada.  For me the beef tamale was the star of the plate. It was made with chunks of beef stewed in a chile flavored broth, very nicely seasoned then rolled in masa but not too thick.  Definitely not a standard tamale but very tasty.  My next favorite was the cheese enchilada.  The cheese had a very strong cheddar flavor and paired perfectly with the rich chile sauce they poured over it. This cheese enchilada with chile sauce at Los Cabos is exactly what I expect for a TexMex meal.  The beef enchilada was also nicely seasoned and the tostada was piled high with lettuce and tomatoes to round out the food pyramid a bit.  I also loved the borracho beans.  They had a slightly spicy flavor and little pieces of sausage in them for added flavor. In the end I couldn't finish the whole plate but loved every bite. I have a few friends that are going to give me grief for liking Los Cabos but that's fine, there's nothing wrong with TexMex as far as I'm concerned.

Given we had an hour wait around seven on a Saturday with huge lines of people waiting I'll also have to give the wait staff and cooks respect for keeping our glasses filled and serving our food hot and tasty. So remember to take plenty of friends and don't worry about the wait, just enjoy their company.

And while I'm thinking about it, don't black bean and pumpkin enchiladas sound good? What kind of sauce would you use?

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