Sunday, April 8, 2012

Split Rail Barbeque in Coweta will make you a cow eat'a

Again we are heading east to Coweta for some tasty barbeque adventures.  We all piled in the car and headed out Highway 51, it only took about twenty minutes and we were seated and looking over the menu. It was Wednesday so all you can eat ribs were the special of the day.  Steph's parents came with us and ordered the special so we decided to try everything else and ordered a three meat plate for each of us.  Steph had ribs, sliced brisket and smoked sausage while I had the chopped brisket, hot links and bologna.  It's easier to just say some of the ribs were a bit tough but otherwise everything was excellent, especially for the price.

My chopped brisket was generally tender with some nice burnt pieces mixed in but not sauced, I'll get to their various sauces later. I loved the hot links.  They were nice and hot and left me with a little sweat on my brow.  Just the perfect amount of heat and not too fatty. They reminded me of the hot links I loved from my childhood but that place is long since closed. Sadly.  The bologna had a nice flavor and they served plenty of it on the plate. I had coleslaw and fried okra for my sides.  The coleslaw was fresh and had a bit of sweetness to it.  It went very well with the meats. The okra seemed to be just the standard frozen in a bag kind but they fried them up nicely none the less.

Steph's sliced brisket was trimmed lean and had a little bark on it. She thought it was best with a blend of hot and regular sauce to give it a little extra spice. Her ribs, as well as the others, were good but some had a little tough meat on them but perhaps this was just a side effect of preparing for all you can eat rib night. Whatever the reason they were still good.  Now for the star of the show, the smoked sausage.  It was slightly sweet and had the distinct flavor of ham in each bite. It seemed a bit unique for sausage flavors so I'll be ordering it next time for a second try. Steph had fries and beans, one of three types of beans, but only liked the fries. The order of fries was huge and everyone commented that they liked them. The beans looked good but had jalapeno in them so Steph didn't like the flavor. They sound good to me so I might try them next time.

Overall the meats didn't have an overly smoky flavor but they certainly barbequed all of them nicely and piled it on the plate. They offer peanuts to munch on while they're getting your food ready so that's always a plus. The service was fine but we went in the afternoon and they only had one person working so she was a bit overwhelmed keeping the tables and answering the phone and getting ready for the evening. Still she served us with a laugh and a smile so we appreciated the extra effort.

While we were talking to the waitress she mentioned they are expanding the restaurant and adding a patio out back so they'll be ready for big crowds and good times in the future. Maybe they'll add some music on the weekends? That would be fun!

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  1. I actually didn't order the fries, I was just eating some of Mom's because the order was so huge. You forgot that I got one of my all-time fave delicacies.. the corn nuggets. Anyway, everything was outstanding and the corn nuggets put them over the top.

  2. Sounds like a place worth trying. Good fries are one of my priorities. ; )