Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Billy Ray's satisfies when my tummy rumbles

We headed down the road to Billy Ray's for some barbeque on a Tuesday night and they didn't let us down. The special was the Sausage Dinner so I ordered it with potato salad and cole slaw while Steph had a two meat sandwich with fries.

The sausage was a polish style that they grilled up and sauced liberally.  I liked the flavor of the sausage and the sauce and ate it all.  The sides weren't standouts but I can't say there was anything wrong with them.  The potato salad was the mustard type with mostly potato and now that I think about it I think it was missing the relish. The cole slaw was fresh but needed a little more dressing on it as I found it a bit dry. I still enjoyed them and really we go for the meat so no foul.

Steph had the sausage and chopped beef sandwich.  The chopped beef was smoky and full of flavor. They must mix in the sauce and let it marinate all day, for me that's the best way to do a chopped beef barbeque sandwich. I'm sure some will agree and disagree with that statement.  The fries were the standard frozen shoestrings so Steph wasn't impressed but they weren't terrible. Fried up crisp and salty they added a little crunch to the sandwich.

Even though the waitress was working alone and several parties came in at the same time she kept up with all of us so you have to give her some respect for bringing that extra bit of service.

Given the quality and price I'm sure we'll be back to Billy Ray's and I've heard they have great catfish so we'll have to try it next time.

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