Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Salvador's has honest Mexican food with their own special tastes

Steph and I ate at Salvador's, in Broken Arrow, OK, on a late Friday afternoon.  We were greeted with a smile and took a table in the bar area.  Just a few minutes later the waiter brought our menus and took our drink order.  The menu had your standard Mexican and TexMex offerings but I had the impression it was geared more towards Mexican flavors.

I picked the combination platter which is four of a list of tacos, enchiladas, tamales, etc. with rice and beans.  Two beef tacos and two cheese enchiladas with chili sauce.  Steph tried the tamale plate which was three tamales with rice and beans.

While we waited we snacked on the fresh corn chips and salsa.  The chips were thin and crispy, certainly fresh, and the salsa was fresh.  A little on the hot side for this gringo but very tasty.  An honest mixture of stewed tomato puree, onions, a little cilantro and diced up jalapenos.  I enjoyed it.

The food came out a little later hot from the oven.  The cheese enchiladas had plenty of queso blanco inside and even enough outside to string up as I tried to take my first bite.  The chili sauce was unique but I liked it.  It wasn't your run of the mill sauce.  I thought it was a bit like a mole rather than just throwing some chili powder into a pot.  There was definitely a chili flavor mixed in but it had more depth to it and I even noticed a bit of sweetness among the savory.  My tacos were served in fresh shells and filled with plenty of beef.  These too had a rather unique flavor which I enjoyed but I can't say it was my favorite of all time.  The meat was a little dry perhaps.  It could have been the time of day. They were topped with fresh lettuce, slices of tomato and grated queso fresco.

Steph's tamales were very tasty.  Plenty of pork inside with just enough masa.  Not like those corn dough things they serve at some of the chains.  She also had the chili sauce over them and thought it was a little spicy for her.  She described the experience and a little heat building with each bite.  Still, she ate until she was full so she enjoyed those spicy bites.

We ended the dinner with flan.  This was some good flan.  The custard was perfectly creamy without a sign of scrambled eggs anywhere and the caramel sauce was the perfect compliment to the richness of it all.

The service was excellent as we never went without our drinks full and the waiter certainly gave us an excellent experience.  In the end I found the restaurant to be pleasant, the staff warm and friendly, the food had a unique flavor which makes it stand out as different and since we left happy I'd say they did everything right.

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  1. I agree with you! It's worth going there! I recommend it!