Friday, December 2, 2011

Russell's Bakery was better at Little Deli

Steph and I were out running around on a Saturday when I got a wild hair to have something sweet.  I was in the area of Little Deli so I thought we'd just head that way and get a slice of Italian creme cake or maybe some cheesecake.  We'd eaten there a week or so before so the desserts were still on my mind.  Steph suggested we go to the source instead so we headed back west to Russell's Bakery at the corner of Hancock Drive and Balcones Drive.  The funny lady at Little Deli told us they get their baked goods from Russell's.  They were almost packed but we found a parking spot and went inside.  The staff was generally nice though they had a bit of roughness in their voices.  I couldn't tell if they were just not used to the crowd or if they didn't want to have a crowd in the first place.  I was hoping for the first.  We waited a bit while we looked over the case of all sort of cakes and cookies, buns and scones.  My mouth is watering thinking about the idea of all that sweet, sweet goodness.

Steph ordered a double chocolate brownie and a caramel latte.  She liked the coffee but the brownie left her unhappy.  It was dry and "chewy but not in a good way."  Plus I remember her saying "they call this double chocolate?"  I took a bite and agreed that it wasn't the rich, decadent offering we had at Little Deli.  I had a latte and a slice of Chocolate Espresso Supreme cake.  It wasn't very rich either but at least it wasn't dry.  At best it was OK.

I'm really sad that we had this experience after so loving the cake at Little Deli.  We thought we were in for a treat but instead we left like a kid that just broke his new toy.

Have a great weekend and treat yourself for the holidays!

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