Thursday, December 1, 2011

JMueller BBQ is good and moist but watch out for the bees

This was another of our Saturday excursions so we headed down to 1st Street to find the JMueller BBQ trailer.  I drove past it the first time but we saw it coming back up the street.  It's just north of Monroe on the west side of 1st Street.  It was before noon but they already had a good crowd.  Most of the tables were full and there was a line several deep the entire time we were there.  Needless to say they have the attention of Austin.  The wait wasn't long, in fact it would have been short aside from "that guy" ordering a couple people in front of us.  You know the one, can't make up his mind, has to call someone on the phone after he's at the window.  The one you might consider kicking in the shin if you thought it would do any good.  By the way, kicking someone in the shin to speed them up doesn't work.  Don't do it. Just trust me on this.  While we were waiting in line it was kind of funny to listen to the people in front and behind us.  The guy in front was a skinny jeans hipster on his phone trying to convince his buddy that he'd like bbq.  The girls behind us were trying to work off a hangover and couldn't wait to get some food in their bellies.  We all suffered together as we waited for our friend to decide what he wanted.  And then it was our turn.

Steph and I went a little crazy on the meats so we had plenty to bring home.  A little brisket, a sausage, a beef rib, potato salad, coleslaw, beans.  We tried it all.  And they start you out with a nice hunk of brisket while you order.  And a big cup of their sauce.  Once you get everything ordered you move around to the back of the trailer to pay and get some drinks.  We had a couple Mexi-Cokes.  Now to find a table and get down to enjoying some bbq.

The brisket was fatty and moist and had a good smoke ring on it.  The sausage was also just fatty enough but still full of flavor and ground just enough to leave some texture.  The beef rib was excellent.  Steph had never tried a beef rib, she's a baby back girl, so she was very happy to have tried something new.

I liked the sauce.  It's that thin, vinegar and tomato kind with a nice spice and full of sweet onions.  It really let the meat do the talking but still added some background to the dish as a whole.

The sides were somewhat unique I'd say.  The potato salad was pretty standard but the coleslaw was definitely spiced up with some kind of chipotle mayo thing.  I liked it but it but didn't finish it.  Perhaps that was merely due to the mountain of meat before us.  Steph liked the beans.  They were just spicy enough and had those same sweet onions in them.  And if you wanted more heat they also had three or four different types of hot sauce.  The standard red kind, the sport peppers in vinegar kind and a couple others that looked to be homemade peppers in vinegar concoctions.  I didn't try any of them but I plan to the next time I'm there and feel the need for a little heat.

Overall this was a wonderful experience.  Plenty of bbq, a nice day, good times.  Life is good.

Oh, I forgot to mention the bees.  As I was eating I went to take a drink from my bottle of Coke and almost swallowed a bee that had crawled down to get a drink.  Just "bee" careful if you're allergic, or don't want to drink a bee.

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